Seen Between Two Unseens, 2022 The mental basis for the project are the meanwhile more than 4,500 daily measurements of the body weight of Günter Wintgens (since 2008), which meticulously mirror his own spiritual development.

Kerstin Inga Tolpeit, Klass – Büro für Gestaltung, Hamburg: »Günter Wintgens approached us a while ago with a collection of his weights, he has been writing down for years in a daily routine. He asked us to turn this collection into something tangible and make it experienceable for an audience. We designed this website on which the daily weight is shown. The background opacity and font-weight reflect the weight in relation to the last ten days. A constant weight results in a regular font with a white background.«

The aim and hypothesis is to bring about a spiritual further development of the observer through the corresponding representation and contemplation of a daily renewing number, which indicates the weight and thus points to the temporary physicality of the human being (e.g. by meditating on this number).
Günter Wintgens dedicates the project »Seen Between Two Unseens«, a long-term internet project, to his beloved master
Yogiraj SatGurunath Siddhanath.